Creating datasets in the Catalog tree

One of the simplest ways you can add new datasets is to right-click the geodatabase in the Catalog tree and click New. Select the new dataset type that you want to create from the list.

You can link to a selected topic below to learn more about working with each dataset type in the geodatabase.

New Dataset Types to Create



Feature class

A collection of features of the same type (such as wells, parcels, and streets) with a common set of attribute fields

Feature dataset

A set of thematically related feature classes (typically used to manage a topology, network, or terrain)


Attribute tables used for many purposes

Relationship class

Used to create an association between records in one table and records in another

Raster dataset

A single raster or image data layer covering an extent

Raster catalogs

An organized collection of images such as a series of image tiles covering an area

Address locator

A dataset of features with addresses and rules for geocoding against the features

Geoprocessing toolbox

A series of user-created geoprocessing tools, scripts, and models

Creating datasets using the New command from the context menu in the Catalog tree