Copying a geodatabase using Extract Data Wizard in ArcMap

This ArcMap wizard enables you to extract the contents of one geodatabase and copy it into another geodatabase. This wizard also allows you to copy selected features and records from a subset of the datasets. You can create a new file or personal geodatabase to hold the information copied with this tool.

Do not select any features if you want to copy all the contents in the geodatabase. However, if you want to copy a subset of the data, you can use any ArcMap selection method to select features or records. For example, you can select features by dragging a box around them or specifying an attribute query.

Follow these steps to copy the contents of a geodatabase using Extract Data Wizard:

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Use the Add Data button to add a map layer using a dataset from the geodatabase whose schema you want to export.
  3. Open the Distributed Geodatabase toolbar as follows: click View > Toolbars > Distributed Geodatabase.
  4. Click the Extract Data button on the Distributed Geodatabase toolbar to start Extract Data Wizard.
  5. Since you want to copy all the contents, click Data in response to What do you want to extract?
  6. Navigate to the new geodatabase into which you want to copy the data, or type its path.
    • To create a new file geodatabase, include the .gdb file name extension.
    • To create a new personal geodatabase, include the .mdb file name extension.
    • To copy the contents to a new ArcSDE geodatabase, you must first create it before using Extract Data Wizard. See Creating an ArcSDE geodatabase.
  7. Check the Show advanced options for overriding data extraction defaults when I click Next option at the bottom of the page.
  8. Click Next to specify the contents to be copied. On this panel, you can set the extent of the features to be copied and make a list of the data items whose information will be copied.
  9. If you want to copy all of the contents, check The full extent of the data. Note that you must not have made any feature or table selections to copy all the data contents within the extent.
  10. Uncheck the Include check boxes for the feature classes, tables, or relationship classes whose contents you don't want to export.
  11. If you leave a box checked for a feature class in a network, topology, or terrain, the contents for all the feature classes participating in the network, topology, or terrain will be copied. Click Next.

  12. On this final panel, review a summary of the extraction contents and other optional settings. When you are ready, click Finish to copy the geodatabase contents.

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