Copying a geodatabase schema using Extract Data Wizard in ArcMap

This ArcMap wizard enables you to extract schema information and data from one geodatabase and transfer it to another geodatabase. This wizard also allows you to select only a subset of the datasets and properties that you want to extract.

This option allows you to specify a spatial reference for your new geodatabase.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Click the Add Data button to add a map layer using a dataset from the geodatabase whose schema you want to export.
  3. Open the Distributed Geodatabase toolbar: click View > Toolbars > Distributed Geodatabase.
  4. Click Extract Data on the Distributed Geodatabase toolbar to start Extract Data Wizard.
  5. Click the Schema Only button in response to the question,What do you want to extract?
  6. Navigate to the geodatabase into which you want to copy the schema or type its path. If the geodatabase doesn't already exist, it will be created for you.
  7. Check the Show advanced options for overriding data extraction defaults when I click Next choice at the bottom of the Extract Data Wizard dialog box.
  8. Click Next to preview the contents of the schema information to be copied.
  9. This panel lists all the data items whose schema information will be copied.

  10. Uncheck the Include check boxes for the feature classes, tables, or relationship classes whose schemas you don't want to export.
  11. If you leave a box checked for a feature class in a network, topology, or a terrain, the schemas for all the feature classes participating in the network, topology, or terrain are copied. Click Next.

  12. On this panel, you have the option to specify a new spatial reference for the output schema.
  13. If you want to set a different spatial reference for the output schema, check the specify a new spatial reference for the extracted schema option. The spatial reference you choose will be used for all the datasets you extract. Click Next.

    If you want the output schema to keep the same spatial reference as the source data, simply click Next.

  14. In this final panel, review a summary of the extraction contents and other optional settings. When you are ready, click Finish to export the schema.