How Extract Values To Table works

This tool is designed to retrieve values (primarily from the Gaussian Geostatistical Simulations tool or another stack/collection of rasters) at specified point locations or within specified polygons. Retrieval is of all the simulated values, not summary statistics, as the current implementation of Gaussian Geostatistical Simulations already has this capability as one of its postprocessing options.

The Sample tool can extract values at point locations; however, each record in the output table contains the raster values for each point location, and this output needs to be transposed. The Extract Values To Table tool produces a transposed version of this table, and it can also use a polygon feature class as input.


The Gaussian Geostatistical Simulations tool has produced 20 output realization rasters, and you want to analyze the distribution of these output rasters at a particular location. Extract Values To Table generates the following table; highlighted rows contain the values from the 20 rasters at a single location that can be used to display the distribution of the simulated values at a particular location.

Table example