Setting environments for a model process

Geoprocessing environments can be set so that a single process within a model will use those environment settings. There are three ways to set the environment for an individual model process:

You must be in ModelBuilder to set geoprocessing environments for a single model process.

Setting process environments from process properties

  1. In ModelBuilder, right-click a tool element and click Properties.
  2. On the Properties dialog box, click the Environments tab.

    Environments are presented in an expandable tree view.

  3. Expand the category in which the environment is located.
  4. Check the check box next to the environments you want to set. You can check multiple boxes in multiple categories.
  5. Click Values. The Environment Settings dialog box opens, showing the categories of the settings.
  6. Open each category by clicking the down arrows.
  7. Provide a value for each environment.

Exposing an environment as a model variable

With this method, an environment setting will be created as a model variable and connected to a tool. If this environment variable is set as a model parameter, the environment value can be entered from the model tool dialog box.

  1. In ModelBuilder, right-click a tool, point to Make Variable > From Environment, point to the category, then select the environment.

    A new variable will be added to the model and connected to the tool. The connection will be an environment connector, as indicated by the dashed line.

Connecting a stand-alone variable to a process as an environment

  1. Click the connection tool Add Connection.
  2. Click the stand-alone variable that is to be made an environment.
  3. Click the tool that is to use the stand-alone variable as an environment.
  4. In the dialog box that appears, click Environments, then select the appropriate environment.
  5. NoteNote:

    When connecting a variable to a tool, only the parameters and environment settings that can use the value as input are listed. This is determined by the data type of the parameter or environment setting.

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