Opening ModelBuilder

There are two ways to open ModelBuilder:

Opening a new model from the ArcMap standard toolbar

  1. Click the ModelBuilder tool ModelBuilder Window on the ArcMap Standard toolbar.

    ModelBuilder opens with an empty model.

  2. See A quick tour of ModelBuilder to understand the tools and menu options available in ModelBuilder.
  3. Save the model to an existing toolbox by clicking Model > Save or the Save tool Save on the toolbar.
    1. If there is no existing toolbox, create a new toolbox by clicking the New Toolbox icon New Toolbox on the navigation window. This adds a new toolbox with a default name in the workspace.

Opening ModelBuilder from toolbox

You can open an existing model from a toolbox or create a new model and open it in ModelBuilder. To create a new model, follow these steps:

  1. In the Catalog or ArcToolbox window, right-click an existing toolbox or toolset and choose New > Model.

    This opens the new model for editing in ModelBuilder.

  2. To open an existing model right-click the model and click Edit.

Changing default model name

A new model is created with a default name and label.

  • The model label is displayed in the Catalog window and can be changed either with the Rename command from the shortcut menu or within the Model Properties dialog box.
  • The model name is changed only by bringing up the model properties. The name cannot contain spaces as it is used in the Python window and scripting, both of which require tool names without spaces.

    Learn more about tool name and label properties

  1. Model properties can be accessed in three ways:
    • Right-click the model in the Catalog window and click Model Properties.
    • If the model is open in ModelBuilder, click Model > Model Properties.
    • Right-click anywhere in a model and click Model Properties.

    This opens the Model Properties dialog box where you can type in a new name and label for the model.

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