Temporary files created by geoprocessing tools

Some geoprocessing tools create system scratch files during processing. These scratch files are always prefixed with xx. You must have write permissions in the location the xx files will be created. You can control this location using system variables.


While processing very large data there can be a number of xx files created and they can be very large (up to 2Gigs each). The normal running of a geoprocessing tool will delete all the xx files it creates. However, if the tool is terminated abnormally (due to a power outage, from task manager, when system resources run out, etc.) the files may be left behind. You should periodically check this location for xx files that may have been left behind and delete them. Never delete an xx file unless you are sure it is not in use by an ArcGIS process.

An attempt to create the xx files will be made in the following order:

The first place the xx files can be created will be used. If for some reason the geoprocessing tool is unable to write to any of the above locations, an error will be generated, and the tool will fail. You will have to make sure one of the locations above can be written to by the geoprocessing tool.

Below is a list of tools that create xx scratch files during processing: