Finding connected features

  1. Click the tool palette drop-down arrow on the Utility Network Analyst toolbar and click a flag tool button (Add Junction Flag or Add Edge Flag).
  2. Click to place flags at each point for which you want to find the connected features.
  3. Click the Trace Task drop-down arrow and click Find Connected.
  4. Click the Solve button Solve.

The features that are connected to the features on which you placed your flags are displayed.

The Find Disconnected trace task always returns the features that the Find Connected trace task does not. The results of one of these trace tasks are often easier to view and analyze than the results of the other. For example, suppose you have a mostly connected network and you would like to check to make sure all your network features are connected to each other. Performing a Find Disconnected trace task and checking to see if no features are returned is easier than performing a Find Connected trace task and making sure all your features are returned.

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