Repairing features with an identical start–stop vertex

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

  1. Add the Geometric Network Editing toolbar to ArcMap.
  2. In the ArcMap table of contents, select one of the feature classes that participates in the geometric network containing the illegal features.
  3. Click the Network Build ErrorsNetwork Build Errors command to identify illegal features.
  4. Delete each feature's network elements (See Delete network elements in the ArcGIS Resource Centers for sample code).
  5. Double-click the feature to modify its geometry.
  6. Drag the end vertex and snap it to an existing junction or move the vertex and snap a new junction to the vertex.
  7. Click the Rebuild ConnectivityRebuild Connectivity tool on the Geometric Network Editing toolbar.
  8. Drag a box intersecting or encompassing the edge feature.

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