Compressing a geodatabase on a database server

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

The compress operation removes the states that are no longer referenced by a version and can move rows in the delta tables to the base table. For more information on what the compress operation does and why you would use it, see The geodatabase compress operation.

A compress operation can only be performed by a server administrator or geodatabase administrator. You do not have access to the Compress Database function if you do not belong to one of these two roles.


To find out when the geodatabase was last compressed, click the Administration tab on the Geodatabase Properties dialog box. The date of the last compress operation is in the Compress section.

  1. Log in as a server administrator or geodatabase administrator, start ArcMap, then open the Catalog window.
  2. Double-click the database server that contains the geodatabase you want to compress.

    This connects you to the database server.

  3. Right-click the geodatabase you want to compress.
  4. Click Administration on the geodatabase shortcut menu and click Compress Database.

    A progress bar appears while the compress operation is running. The bar advances until the operation is complete.