Comparing replica schema

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

The Compare Replica Schema command is used to compare your replica schema with a relative replica and write the differences to a schema changes XML file. The schema changes XML file can then be used as input to the Import Replica Schema command.

How to compare replica schema

  1. There are two ways to get to the Compare Replica Schema tool.
    • In the Catalog tree, right-click your geodatabase connection, point to Distributed Geodatabases and click Compare Replica Schema. Right-click geodata services published through ArcGIS server to access remote geodatabases.
    • In ArcMap, click the Compare Replica Schema button on the Distributed Geodatabase toolbar. Remote geodatabases are accessed in ArcMap through map services that have the geodata access capability enabled.
  2. Specify or browse for the schema in either a relative geodatabase or, in the disconnected case, the replica schema file for the relative replica. The geodatabase may be local or remote.
  3. Use the Replica name combo box to choose the replica.
  4. Specify or browse for an output replica schema changes XML file.
  5. Click Finish.

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