Exporting an acknowledgment message

An acknowledgment message acknowledges the receipt of data changes from the relative replica. Unless the relative replica receives an acknowledgment, it will resend the data changes. Adopting the practice of regularly sending and importing acknowledgment messages prevents you from having to resend changes. The Export Acknowledgment Message wizard or Export Acknowledgment Message geoprocessing tool command can be used to export acknowledgment messages.

See Export Acknowledgment Message for more information on the Export Acknowledgment Message geoprocessing tool.
  1. The Export Acknowledgment Message wizard can be opened in two different ways—from the Distributed Geodatabase toolbar or from the context menu of the geodatabase or geodata service.
    • In ArcMap, open the Distributed Geodatabase toolbar and click the Export Acknowledgment Message button.
    • In the Catalog window, right-click the geodatabase or geodata service published through ArcGIS Server from which you want to export an acknowledgment message, point to Distributed Geodatabase, and click Export Acknowledgment Message.

    The wizard supports both local and remote geodatabases. Remote geodatabases are accessed in ArcMap through map services that have the geodata access capability enabled.

  2. Select the replica from which you would like to export the acknowledgment message.

    The replica type is displayed.

  3. Specify the name of the acknowledgment file to be created.
    For more information regarding exporting acknowledgment messages, click the About Exporting Acknowledgment button.

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