Replication and terrains, network datasets, parcel fabrics, and representations

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

When replicating terrains and network datasets, only the feature classes used to build these data structures can be replicated. The actual data structures themselves are not replicated. For the feature classes to be replicated, they must be registered as versioned and meet the other data requirements for replication. You can choose to rebuild the terrain or network dataset in the child replica's geodatabase after replica creation.

Note that for network datasets, turn and sign post feature classes and traffic and time zone tables are also not replicated.

Parcel fabrics are not supported by replication.

If your data has representations prior to replica creation, they will be replicated. If you apply a symbol to a feature in one replica and synchronize, the symbol will also be applied to the feature in the relative replica. Modifications to representations, however, are not supported. For example, consider the case where a new symbol is added to a representation and applied to a feature in a replica. When that feature is synchronized, it draws with an unknown symbol in the relative replica, since the new symbol does not exist in the relative replica. It is also possible to add a different symbol with the same ID to the relative replica. In this case, the feature added from the synchronization draws with the incorrect symbol in the relative replica.