Using the Version Changes command

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

The Version Changes dialog box provides the capability to view the changes made to a version since it was created or last reconciled with an ancestor version.

The dialog box lists all modified classes, inserts, updates, and deletes and allows you to view these in an experience similar to the interactive Conflicts dialog box.

It also allows you to view the changes made during your current edit session.

You don't have to be in an edit session to open the Version Changes dialog box, and changes can be viewed before versions are reconciled.

The Version Changes dialog box will list all the changes made to the version for all layers in the map document based on the selected workspace. If the layer is not currently visible, changes on that layer will still be present in the dialog box. Optionally, the changes can be restricted to only those changes in the present map extent by selecting the "filter changes using map extent" check box in the initial Version Selection dialog box.

To open the dialog box, select a workspace from the source tab and click the Version Changes button The version changes button on the versioning toolbar on the Versioning toolbar.

The next step is to choose a version for comparing changes. The available versions listed are those in ancestral lineage with the version previously selected on the source tab. If the DEFAULT version is the selected version, all accessible versions will be listed on the dialog box because they are all descendant versions of the DEFAULT version.

If you have started an edit session and you choose the version you are currently editing, the dialog box will present all changes that have been made during the current edit session.

Choose a version to compare changes with

The Version Changes dialog box displays the number of changes that have been made to the version from the time it and the chosen target version were identical. The number of changes is subdivided by class, then subdivided into Insert, Delete, and Update categories. Clicking an ObjectID number shows its changes in the right window. All the attribute values for the two versions being compared and for their common ancestor are displayed. Attribute values displayed in bold signify that a change has been made to the version for that attribute.

The version changes viewer

Clicking the Change Display button opens the Change display viewer. This allows you to view the changes as they appear on the map, as well as navigate and identify features in the display. You can toggle the display to show either of the two versions as well as their common ancestor.

Right-clicking a class displays a menu with the following options:

Using the version changes display

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