Changing versions in ArcMap

In ArcMap, you can display any version, change from one version to another, and view several versions simultaneously.

When you initially add data from an ArcSDE geodatabase, the data comes from the version you specified on the Database Connection Properties dialog box. You can change to the version you want to display.

When you change from one version to another, all feature classes from that geodatabase present in the map change to the version to which you have switched. This simplifies the process of viewing the differences between feature classes or performing an analysis with two versions.

You can change versions either from the Versioning toolbar or in the table of contents. The following steps describe how to change versions from the table of contents:

  1. Click the List By Source icon in the table of contents and right-click a version workspace.

    A version workspace is an ArcSDE geodatabase connection.

  2. Click Change Version.

    This opens the Change Version dialog box.

  3. Click the Version type pull-down menu and choose either Transactional or Historical.
  4. Click a version in the list to select it.
  5. Click OK.

The version that is now displayed in the ArcMap document is the version you chose. This is reflected in the name of the version workspace.

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