An overview of data maintenance and transactions

A geodatabase stores geographic data organized in datasets. A geodatabase can maintain both spatial and nonspatial data. Examples of the types of datasets that might be maintained in a geodatabase include object and feature classes, relationship classes, topologies, networks, terrains, raster datasets, and raster catalogs. An ArcSDE geodatabase stores data in a relational database and utilizes the capabilities of the relational database to support storage of large datasets and provide efficient multiuser access to data.

A typical life cycle for an ArcSDE geodatabase involves the following steps:

Examples of changes that might be made to a geodatabase during editing and data maintenance include the following:

Each of the above changes corresponds to an application-defined unit of work or transaction that is performed against a geodatabase.

The topic Data maintenance strategies discusses how you can support transactions of varying complexity and duration against both simple and complex geographic data.

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