Managing tool layers

With a few exceptions, tool layers are managed like any other group layer in ArcMap.

Create a tool layer

To create a tool layer, you drag and drop a tool from the Catalog, ArcToolbox, or Search window. You cannot add a tool using Add Data Add Data in ArcMap.

Executing the tool layer

Right-click the layer and click Open. Fill in the parameter values and click OK.


Tool layers always execute in the foreground.

Viewing execution messages

Once the tool has been executed for the tool layer, you can view messages by right-clicking the tool layer and clicking View messages.


A result is not written to the Results window when you execute a tool layer.

Saving a tool layer

Tool layers can be saved like any other layer. Right-click the layer and click Save to Layer File.

Renaming a tool layer

To rename a tool layer, click the layer and press the F2 key. Alternatively, right-click the tool layer, click Properties, then change its name on the General tab of the Group Layer Properties dialog box.

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