Checking the topological integrity of the parcel fabric

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

The Check the fabric command is available for validating the topological integrity of your parcel fabric. The command identifies data corruptions such as parcel traverses with lines that are out of sequence.

The Check the fabric command is run on a parcel fabric in the Catalog window. To run the command, right-click a parcel fabric in the Catalog window and click Check the fabric.

Check the fabric
Check the fabric

Checking the fabric is useful for validating parcel data that has been migrated to the fabric from standard feature classes or CAD files. When migrating data into the fabric, inconsistencies and errors in the source data can result in corruptions in the fabric. The Check the fabric command identifies data corruptions in the fabric and reports the errors in a list format that can be saved for future use.

Parcel errors
Parcel errors

Errors found in parcels, lines, and points are listed with the ObjectID of the corrupt feature. The ObjectID can then be used to locate the corresponding feature in the parcel fabric. The corrupt feature can be either edited and corrected or unjoined and deleted.

Parcel fabric validation errors

The Check the fabric command will identify and report the following data corruption errors:

Parcel errors

Line errors

Point errors

Line point errors

Control point errors