Error: No editable layers

None of the layers in your map can be edited. You cannot start an edit session on this data.

Solution: Make sure that the data you want to edit is in a format that can be edited in ArcGIS and that you have the proper permissions to edit it.

More information: In ArcGIS, you can edit data from shapefiles; geodatabase feature classes; stand-alone table formats, such as INFO or .dbf; and the attribute tables of certain rasters. If your map has data in any other format, you are unable to edit it. Make sure that the data you are attempting to edit is in one of these supported formats. If the data is not from any of these workspaces, it may be possible to export it to one of these formats to be able to edit it.

Many times, you encounter this error along with layer warnings that may provide more specific reasons why the layer cannot be edited. For example, if you have data from a geodatabase in the map but the feature classes are read-only, you also receive a warning message telling you that you need to check the permissions.