About maintaining topological structure in the parcel fabric

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

There are several tools available for correcting topological errors and data corruptions in the parcel fabric. Topological errors can arise from the migration of poor-quality parcel data and incorrect parcel joining. Data corruptions can arise from incorrect data entry, incorrect parcel joining, and so on.

Checking the parcel fabric for errors

You can use the Check the fabric command on a parcel fabric to detect topological errors and data corruptions. Errors are detected in parcels, lines, points, line points, and control points.

Parcel errors
Parcel errors

The Check the fabric command is run on a parcel fabric in the Catalog window. To run the command, right-click a parcel fabric in the Catalog window and click Check the fabric.

Maintaining topological connectivity

Merging points

There should always be one common point for all coincident parcel corners, curve center points, and endpoints of connection lines. Common points maintain the internal topological connectivity of the parcel fabric.

The Merge Points tool Merges unconnected points inside a rectangle located on the Parcel Editor toolbar can be used to merge a group of points that lie within a specified tolerance of each other into a single point. When merging points, the average or mean of all the points is used to compute the location of the single point.

Merge points
Merge points

Merge curve center points
Merge curve center points

Adding line points

Line points are parcel corner points that lie on adjacent parcel boundaries without splitting the boundaries. Sometimes line points are not detected during the joining process or during data migration. You can use the Add a Line Point tool located on the Parcel Editor toolbar to assign line points to parcel corner points.


You can only assign line points to parcel corner points that do not split an adjacent boundary line.


To remove line points, use the Delete a line point tool located on the Parcel Editor toolbar.