Labeling and annotating parcel fabric sublayers

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

You can label or annotate features in parcel fabric sublayers using the same methods that are used to annotate normal feature layers in ArcMap.

You can also create feature-linked annotation for features in the parcel fabric. Feature-linked annotation is a special type of geodatabase annotation that is directly linked to features. Feature-linked annotation moves and updates with the feature to which it is linked. For example, if the distance on a parcel line is updated, feature-linked annotation will update to show the new distance value.

Feature-linked annotation can be created for the following parcel fabric feature classes:

Feature-linked annotation links to parcel fabric feature classes through a composite relationship. The parcel fabric feature classes are the origin feature classes in the relationship.

When editing parcels in the parcel fabric, any feature-linked annotation is updated when edits are made to the data referenced by the annotation. For example, if you change the dimension of a parcel boundary (bearing, distance), the feature-linked annotation will update to reflect the change once the parcel changes are saved.

Editing dimensionsFeature-linked annotation is updated

If parcels are edited in an open parcel fabric job, the feature-linked annotation will be updated once the job is posted back to the parcel fabric and the edit session is saved.

Running a fabric adjustment can result in a large number of parcel fabric features being moved. Feature-linked annotation will automatically be repositioned for adjusted parcel fabric features.


A fabric adjustment does not alter the dimension values of a parcel. Only parcel fabric point coordinates (x,y,z) are updated in a fabric adjustment. Parcel boundary lines are updated to fit between the newly adjusted points.

Adjusting associated features using the Feature adjustment tool can also result in a large number of standard features being moved. If a feature class is associated with the parcel fabric, it is recommended that its corresponding annotation also be associated with the parcel fabric. In this way any annotation, whether it is feature linked or not, is repositioned consistently with its feature classes when its feature classes are adjusted using the Feature adjustment tool.

    To create feature-linked annotation:
  1. Right-click the feature dataset containing the parcel fabric for which you want to create feature-linked annotation. Click New > Feature Class.
  2. Type the name you want to use for your annotation class on the New Feature Class dialog box.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow and click Annotation Features for the feature type.
  4. Check the Link the annotation to the following feature class box.
  5. Click the drop-down arrow and choose the parcel fabric feature class that will be linked to the new annotation feature class.
  6. Continue with these steps for creating a feature-linked annotation feature class in a feature dataset.

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