Synchronizing local edits with the server

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

When you are finished editing the local layers, you can synchronize the edits with the server. To do this, right-click the group layer containing the local layers, point to Edit Features, and click Synchronize Local Edits with Server. Once the synchronization process completes, you can turn on the service layers and see the edits applied in the service.

Conflicts are handled using a "last in, wins" policy. For example, if more than one editor is making edits to the same features, the synchronization process overwrites changes applied previously to these features by other editors.

When you no longer need to synchronize edits, you should disconnect the local copy from the server to clean up metadata on the client and server. The metadata cleanup process is important in that it aids server maintenance. If a file geodatabase is used to store the data locally, synchronizing also cleans up the metadata.

  1. Right-click the local copy group layer, point to Edit Features, then click Synchronize Local Edits With Server.
  2. If you are storing the local data in ArcSDE and are done synchronizing edits, right-click the local copy group layer again, point to Edit Features, then click Disconnect Local Copy From Server.

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