Transferring attributes between features

  1. Click the Spatial Adjustment menu and click Attribute Transfer Mapping.
  2. Click the Source Layer drop-down arrow and choose a layer.
  3. Click the Target Layer drop-down arrow and choose a layer.
  4. Click a field in the source layer's Field list box and click a corresponding field in the target layer's Field list box.
  5. With both fields highlighted, click the Add button.
  6. Repeat the process for all other fields that are to be used as criteria for the attribute transfer. You can use the Auto Match command to match multiple fields at once based on common field names.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click the Attribute Transfer tool Attribute Transfer Tool on the Spatial Adjustment toolbar.
  9. NoteNote:

    Layers must be selectable to transfer attributes. You can make layers selectable on the table of contents. The tool also respects definition queries and scale ranges, so only visible features can be used.

  10. Position the pointer over the source feature and click once. This is the feature that contains the desired attribute data.
  11. Position the pointer over the target feature and click once to transfer the attribute data of the source feature. You can transfer attributes to multiple features by holding down SHIFT.

    The target feature is now updated with the source feature's attribute data. When the transfer is complete, you can verify the target feature's attributes by clicking it with the Identify tool Identify on the Tools toolbar.

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