Setting the edge snap properties

  1. Click the Spatial Adjustment menu and click Options.
  2. Click the Edge Match tab.
  3. Click the Source Layer drop-down arrow and choose a source layer.
  4. Click the Target Layer drop-down arrow and choose a target layer.
  5. If you only want one link for each destination point, check the check box.
  6. If you want to prevent duplicate links, check the check box.
  7. Check Use Attributes if you want to use attributes to enhance the edgematch. This can assist in the creation of links by ensuring they connect to features that share common attribute values.
  8. If you chose to use attributes, click the Attributes button.
    1. Match the source and target layer fields.
    2. Click the Add button.
    3. Click OK when finished matching fields.
  9. Click OK to close the Adjustment Properties dialog box.

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