Viewing the spatial adjustment link table

The spatial adjustment link table displays displacement links in a tabular format. This table shows the source and destination coordinates of the links, the link IDs, and the residual error of the adjustment (residual errors will only be displayed for transformation adjustments).

You can select links by clicking a row in the table. Coordinate values can be edited for the selected links. You can select multiple links by holding down the SHIFT key and selecting rows. When a link is selected, right-click to flash links, pan and zoom to links, and delete them.

  1. Click the Spatial Adjustment menu, point to Links, then click View Link Table, or click the View Link Table button View Link Table on the Spatial Adjustment toolbar.
  2. Click a row in the link table to highlight a link.
  3. With the link record highlighted, click the Delete Link button to edit the coordinates of the link or delete the link.
  4. Right-click the highlighted link to pan to the link, zoom to the link, select the link, or delete the link.
  5. Click Close to close the window.