Converting annotation to multiple parts

Multiple-part annotation may be useful if you need to be able to work with a part (such as a word) of an annotation feature but do not want to make it into a completely separate feature. You might want to do this if you have a large feature that you want to identify by spreading out the text of the annotation over the whole shape, such as a long river or mountain range.

  1. Click the Edit Annotation tool Edit Annotation on the Editor toolbar and select the annotation.
  2. Right-click and click Convert to Multiple Parts.
  3. Click the part you want to edit. By default, the part is highlighted in magenta stripes.
  4. TipTip:
    The Annotation tab of the Editing Options dialog box allows you to change how parts in multiple-part annotation look when they are selected. By default, selected parts are highlighted in magenta stripes.
    The part you are editing is highlighted in magenta stripes
  5. You can drag the part to a new location or right-click to access other commands.
  6. To convert multiple-part annotation to a single part, select the annotation features, right-click, then click Convert to Single Part.