Updating COGO attributes

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

Update COGO Attributes calculates the coordinate geometry values for selected line features by inverting the geometry of the features. The values calculated include the direction and length for straight features, and curve characteristics, such as chord distance, chord direction, arc length, radius, tangent length, and side, for curved features. The current direction type and angular units are used when populating the attributes. The current coordinate system linear units are used when populating distance attributes.

The features must be either straight lines or circular arcs. They typically have two vertices, but more are allowed as long as each feature is consistently straight or consistently curved.

This command only works on line features that have the appropriate COGO attributes. A message appears when you try and use the command if these attributes are not present.


Update COGO Attributes was known as Inverse prior to ArcGIS 9.2.

  1. Click the Edit tool Edit Tool on the Editor toolbar and select the features.
  2. Click Update COGO Attributes Update COGO Attributes on the COGO toolbar.