Being productive while entering values in the Traverse window

The Traverse window allows you to be extremely productive when you are entering values. You can use the number pad together with the arrow keys to enter all values. Press + and / to tab forward and backward through the controls. For any combo box, use the arrow keys to change the current value. You can enter an angle using the following notation: dd.mmss. For example, 34°12'54" can be entered as 34.1254. You can enter quadrant bearing directions using the notation dd.mmss-[1234] where the second-last character is a - (hyphen) and the last digit indicates the quadrant (1=NE 2=SE 3=SW 4=NW). For example, S64°41'29"W can be entered as 64.4129-3.

When using the mouse to enter values, there are also some ways to increase productivity. You can insert a duplicate of a segment by right-clicking it in the table and clicking Insert. You can reorder a segment by selecting it in the table and clicking the up and down arrows. You can remove a segment by selecting it in the table and clicking Remove.

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