Merging features in the same layer

Merge combines selected features of the same layer into one feature. The features must be from either a line or a polygon layer.

Polygon features before and after being merged

When merging, you choose which feature's attributes are preserved during the operation. When you click an entry on the Merge dialog box, the feature flashes on the map. The features are shown in the list by the name of the layer they belong to and the display expression. The merge policy, if present, does not determine the value of the attributes in the merged feature.

Choosing the attribute values for the merged feature

When features are not adjacent, a multipart feature is created. For example, you could merge the individual islands that make up Hawaii to create a multipart polygon feature.

Features that participate in geometric networks can also be merged.


If you select line features with COGO fields and those features can be formed into a single COGO line, two extra options are available on the Merge dialog box. Checking the Merge into a single COGO line check box ensures that the newly merged feature has a single straight line segment or a single circular arc segment. Checking the Update COGO attributes check box ensures that the COGO description for the new feature is updated.

  1. Click the Edit tool Edit Tool on the Editor toolbar.
  2. Click the features you want to merge. The features must be from the same layer.
  3. Click the Editor menu and click Merge.
  4. Click the feature that the features will be merged into and will supply the attributes for the merged feature.
  5. Click OK.