Creating a multipoint feature

Sometimes, you need to create a feature that has more than one physical part but only references one set of attributes in the database. These are called multipoint features for point or multipart features for line and polygon features. Mass point observations from lidar data are often represented in a feature class with multipoint geometry. The multipoint geometry type is set when you create a new feature class.

To create a multipoint feature, you need to finish each part first, then finish the whole sketch once you have created the individual parts. Once the feature is created, when you click one part of the multipoint feature to select it, all points are automatically selected because they all belong to one multipoint feature.

  1. Click a multipoint feature template in the Create Features window.
  2. Click the map to create parts of the multipoint feature.
  3. Right-click anywhere on the map and click Finish Sketch.

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