Creating a fillet curve connecting between two lines

Fillets are segments of a circular arc that are often used to connect two intersecting lines. Fillets are used to create smoothly curving connections between lines, such as edge of pavement lines at street intersections or rounded corners on parcel features.

The Fillet tool creates a circular curve that is tangential to two line segments and optionally trims the overlapping segments from the original feature or features.

The curve is constructed using an implied or fixed radius value through the tangent points that are derived from a hint point, which is the pointer location. It determines the region used to define the curve direction.

Constructing a fillet curve between two lines

Right-click the map or press the O key to set the Fillet tool options. The options include whether to trim the existing features and use a fixed radius value.

Fillet Options dialog box
  1. Click the Fillet tool Fillet Tool on the Advanced Editing toolbar.
  2. Optionally, right-click or press O to set options. Click OK when you are finished.
    • Check Trim existing segments if you want to remove the existing segments that extend beyond the tangent points.
    • Check Fixed radius and type a radius for the curve. Fillet uses the current data frame coordinate system units for the fillet radius unless you specify another unit of measure.
  3. Click one line first, then the other, to specify the lines between which you want to construct the fillet.
  4. Constructing a fillet curve

    Without a fixed radius, the fillet curve changes as you drag the pointer away from the first line you clicked.

  5. When the curve has the correct radius, click to finish the curve.
  6. Choose the target in which the new feature will be created.
    • If you have feature templates for the layers in your map, click the Template button and click the template to use to create the new feature. You can also double-click the preview of the template to choose a different template.
    • If you do not have feature templates, click the layer in which to create the feature.
  7. Click OK.

    A new fillet curve joins the two selected lines. The extra line segments outside the curve are trimmed off if you checked Trim existing segments.