Creating a curve tangent to the previous segment (Tangent)

Tangent Tangent Curve Segment adds a segment that is tangential to the previously sketched segment. This method is practical when sketching rail lines in which the curves are nearly always tangential to the previous segment. To create a tangent curve, you need to have already sketched a segment using one of the other sketch construction methods.

The Tangent construction method provides an interactive method of adding a tangent curve. To enter specific parameters for the curve, right-click and click the Tangent Curve command.

  1. These steps can be used to create vertices in either lines or polygons:

    To create a vertex in a line

    Click a line feature template in the Create Features window and click the Line tool Line.

    To create a vertex in a polygon

    Click a polygon feature template in the Create Features window and click the Polygon tool Polygon.

  2. Create a segment using any construction method.
  3. Click Tangent Tangent Curve Segment on the Editor toolbar construction method palette.
  4. As the pointer is moved, the arc bends and changes in length to remain tangent to the previous segment. Press R to set the radius value, then press TAB to cycle through the possible curve solutions.
  5. Click again to place the endpoint of the arc.

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