Creating a point feature at the end of a line you sketch

The Create Point At End Of Line tool allows you to draw a line and create a point at the end of it. To create the sketch line, you can simply digitize on the map, or utilize any shortcut or sketch constraint to place a vertex in the line, such as Length, Constrain Parallel, Direction, or Absolute X,Y.

This tool is useful if you need to add a point at a specific distance along a line or at an offset from an existing location. For example, to add a valve 50 meters along an existing water line, snap to the origin location on the water line, set a length constraint of 50 meters, then add a vertex. When you finish the sketch, a point is created at that vertex—which is exactly 50 meters from the origin.

  1. Click a point feature template in the Create Features window.
  2. Click the Create Point At End Of Line tool Point At End Of Line on the Create Features window.
  3. Click the map to create a sketch line as desired. For example, to make the line a certain length, right-click, click Length, type the distance measurement, then click to add a vertex.
  4. To change the shape of the sketch segment, click a construction method type on the Editor toolbar or on the Feature Construction mini toolbar. Segments can be created using a variety of methods—for example, as straight lines, with curves, or traced from the shapes of other features. You can also use keyboard shortcuts or right-click to access a menu of commands to help you place vertices in the sketch.
  5. Right-click anywhere on the map and click Finish Sketch.
  6. When you finish the sketch, a new point is created at the location of the last vertex of the line. The line is only a temporary sketch, so no line feature actually is created when you use this tool.