Turning on SnapTips (classic snapping)


While classic snapping is enabled, editing tools only use the classic snapping environment. However, georeferencing tools, the Measure tool, and other non-editing tools continue to use the snap settings on the Snapping toolbar.

One useful trick for working with classic snapping is to enable SnapTips, which provide pop-up text and status bar messages to indicate the layer you are snapped to and with which snap type. In the graphic below, the pointer has snapped to an end element in the arterials layer.

When the mouse pointer snaps to a feature, SnapTips show the layer and property to which you have snapped.

Once you have snapped to an element, the cursor needs to be stationary for at least one second for the tip to appear. The tip will fade after several seconds. You cannot change the formatting or contents of the classic snapping SnapTip.

  1. Click the Editor menu, point to Snapping, then click Options.
  2. Check Show SnapTips.
  3. Click OK.

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