SDTS export control file

SDTS conversion control file format

An Export To SDTScontrol file allows you to convert INFO tables that are not named using the in_dataset prefix. It can also be used to override default global information and information read from standard SDTS INFO tables.

Each command in the control file takes one line. A line that starts with the characters /* is a comment and will not be executed. The file contains the EXPORT command, a global control block, zero or more feature class or table sections, and the END command.

Global commands

These commands are only valid in the global control block (Scope: Global).

Other export commands

These commands are not limited to the global scope. See each command description for details of where it can be used.

Command parameter definitions and notes

<Field> and <Tag> are used interchangeably.

<SubField>, <Label>, and <Attr_Label> are used interchangeably.

The following are some of the parameters used by various control file commands:

Published 6/8/2010