How Renumber Nodes works

This topic applies to ArcInfo only.

There are many commands that do not establish or reset internal node numbers. For example, Generate does not set internal node numbers; they have a value of zero for new arcs created with Generate. Eliminate and Dissolve will keep the existing internal node numbers of the input coverage. Build with the LINE option will not correct these situations. Build with the POLY option and Clean will also renumber nodes in addition to their other operations. Thus, Renumber Nodes is a fast, efficient method to renumber nodes.

It is desirable for the internal numbers of all nodes to be sequentially numbered and have nonzero values. Also, if two or more nodes occur at the same x,y location, they should be identified by the same internal node numbers.

These conditions are important when using other commands

Use caution with coverages containing coincident and duplicate nodes

Published 6/8/2010