Generalizing line coverage data

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Simplifying lines

Simplifying a line involves removing extraneous bends and small intrusions and extrusions from a line without destroying its essential shape. The Simplify Line Or Polygon tool reduces details from lines,when a line coverage is the input, based on a specified tolerance and simplification method. The two simplification methods, Point Remove and Bend Simplify, are shown in the figures below.

Line simplification on lines
Simplification of lines

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Collapsing dual lines to centerline

When map scale reduces, features represented by dual lines (or double lines) at the larger scale may look "collapsed" at the smaller scale; that is, the spacing between the dual lines may not be visible anymore. Therefore, these features can be represented by single lines. The Collapse Dual Lines To Centerline tool derives centerlines from near parallel pairs of lines, such as road casings, based on specified widths.

The following figure shows the road casings, the derived centerlines, and the outline of an unresolved intersection area.

Creating centerlines

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Dissolving lines based on attributes

Dissolving lines eliminates nodes between adjacent arcs containing equal values for the dissolve item.

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Eliminating lines

Eliminating lines merges selected arcs separated by pseudo nodes into single arcs.

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Published 6/8/2010