Conversion control file information

Conversion control file format

Command Syntax
/* comment line
/* Start of import section 
Global Commands

Control file commands

Global commands

  • COLUMNBECOMES <vpf_item> <info_item> <info_item_type> <width> <output_width> {dec_places}—Allows you to modify item types when importing table columns.
  • FEATURETABLE ALL IGNORE—Ignores all VPF feature tables when importing a VPF coverage into ArcInfo format. When this command is used, only point and line geometry will be imported from the original VPF data. The resulting ArcInfo coverage is built for line topology only.
  • PRIMITIVEITEM ALL—Appends all primitive items in the original VPF data to the appropriate ArcInfo feature class table. Tile-IDs of each feature and tile-IDs of any features referenced in the imported table will also be added as items to the ArcInfo feature class table. This command affects the items created in the arc attribute tables (AATs) only.
  • SET NULL <vpf_table> <item> <info_null_value>—Allows you to import a null value as a discrete value. If VPFIMPORT is used without a SET NULL statement, VPF null values will be mapped to these default INFO null values:
    S  Short   integer  -9999
    I 	Long    integer	 -999999
    F 	Short   float	   -999999
    R 	Long    float  	 -999999
  • TIN <tin_name | IGNORE>—Converts VPF 3D coordinates to the specified ArcInfo TIN or will ignore 3D coordinates during conversion. If this statement is not implemented, the default is to translate 3D coordinates to a TIN with the name <cover_name>_tin.
  • VDT IGNORE—Allows you to ignore the importation of the value description table (VDT).

Feature class command

  • FEATURECLASS <vpf_feature_class> IGNORE—Allows you to ignore specific VPF feature classes when importing a VPF coverage to ArcInfo format.
  • <vpf_feature_class>—The feature class to be ignored. Valid VPF feature classes are <EPOINT | CPOINT | LINE | AREA | TEXT | COMPLEX>.
  • IGNORE—Required keyword.

Published 6/8/2010