An overview of the From Coverage toolset

This topic applies to ArcInfo only.

Contains several conversion tools that allow you to convert coverages to other file formats.

Some of these are specific US government formats or formats that belong to international organizations, but they may also be more general. The Ungenerate tool, for example, creates text containing x,y coordinates, which can be easily read by many programs. The Vector Product Format (VPF) is specific to the U.S. Department of Defense and has specific uses. Another format, the interchange file, is recommended for use when storing, transferring, or backing up coverages.

If you need to convert files to a format not included in this toolset, check the Conversion Tools toolbox for other converters.



Export To DLG

Creates a Digital Line Graph from a coverage. The DLG is output in DLG-3 Optional (as opposed to Standard) format.

Export To Interchange File

Converts a coverage to an interchange file for transfer to another platform.

Export To S57

Converts ArcC/Info coverages to S-57 object files.

Export To SDTS

Creates a Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS). Topological Vector Profile (TVP). or Point Profile Transfer from an ArcGIS coverage or grid.

Export To VPF

Converts a coverage into either a Vector Product Format (VPF) Coverage or VPF Tile.


Creates a text file of x,y coordinates from the input coverage.

From Coverage tools

Published 6/8/2010