Setting visibility for CAD drawing layers

Use the Drawing Layers tab in the Layer Properties dialog box to control the visibility of layers defined in the CAD drawing. You can apply visibility settings individually using the check box controls, or set them globally using the following button controls:

Button control


Enable All

Enables visibility for all drawing layers in the feature layer

Disable All

Disables visibility for all drawing layers in the feature layer

Restore Original

Resets visibility settings as they appeared when initially added to the map

Restore Last

Resets visibility to the previous settings when OK or Apply was last clicked

Apply to Dataset

Applies the current visibility settings to all CAD feature layers in the CAD group layer

  1. Double-click the CAD feature layer in the table of contents to open the Layer Properties dialog box.
    • Or right-click the feature layer and click Properties.
  2. Click the Drawing Layers tab.
  3. Check the boxes in the left column of the list to control their visibility.
    • Or click the appropriate button controls to apply changes globally.
  4. Click OK.

When working with an AutoCAD drawing that contains a CAD-defined feature class such as Roads, the same drawing layers display in both Roads and its generic feature class type; for example on the Polyline feature layer. You can turn off the drawing layers that are defined for Roads in the Polyline feature layer, and leave them visible in the Roads feature layer.

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Published 6/8/2010