Adding control points when georeferencing a CAD dataset

Control points define the source and destination coordinates used to georeference a CAD dataset. A maximum of two links are permitted. Each link comprises two points: a from-point at a known location on the CAD dataset, and a to-point at the intended new location of the reference feature. By default, snapping is enabled in ArcMap and can be used to align specific geometric features.

  1. Right-click the main menu and click Georeferencing on the shortcut menu to add the toolbar.
  2. Click the Layer drop-down arrow, then click a CAD feature layer.
  3. Click the Georeferencing drop-down arrow, then click Fit To Display to move the CAD dataset to the current view.
  4. Click the Add Control Points button Add Control Points.
  5. Click a from-point on the CAD dataset.

    Press ESC to undo the link.

  6. Click a to-point at the new location.

    A blue control link appears on the map.

  7. Add a second pair of control points to create a second link.
    Illustration of adding control points
  8. Click the Georeferencing drop-down arrow, then click Update Georeferencing to update the display and save the transformation data to a world (.wld) file.

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Published 6/8/2010