Using the Rotate tool

When georeferencing a CAD dataset, the Rotate tool is a quick way to drag the dataset to an approximate rotation angle. The Rotate tool uses a selection anchor as a pivot point for the rotation. The anchor appears as a small x located in the center of the CAD dataset.

  1. Right-click the main menu bar and click Georeferencing on the shortcut menu to add the toolbar.
  2. Click the Layer drop-down arrow and click a CAD feature layer.
  3. Click the Rotate button Rotate.
  4. Click and drag the pointer on the map in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction to rotate the CAD dataset about its anchor.

    The CAD dataset appears as a boundary box until you release the mouse button.

  5. Release the mouse button to complete the task and update the display.

You can change the center of rotation by dragging the selection anchor to a new location. Pause the pointer over the anchor until the pointer changes to a four-arrow pointer, then drag and drop the anchor to a new location. The anchor will return to its original location after each rotation.

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Published 6/8/2010