A quick tour of annotation


Feature-linked annotation feature classes can be created and edited in ArcInfo and ArcEditor, but they are read-only in ArcView.

ArcMap and the Catalog tree contain tools that create standard and feature-linked annotation. Creating annotation requires both creating a feature class to store the annotation and populating it with annotation features. You can follow one of three approaches:

When creating annotation in an ArcSDE geodatabase by converting labels or importing from another format, you should always try to create the annotation before registering your data as versioned. If the data is not versioned, all the data will be loaded directly into the base tables, and a database compress will not be required.

If you are creating feature-linked annotation that is linked to a geometric network feature class, you should create the annotation after building the geometric network. When features are snapped in the geometric network building process, their geometry is modified at a level at which messages are not sent to linked annotation features to update themselves. So after building the geometric network, if a feature's geometry is changed in the snapping process, the feature and its linked annotation might not correspond correctly any more.

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