Playing a time animation

Once you have created a time animation, you can play it using the Animation Controls. You can play a time animation using the number of frames or specifying a certain duration.


When playing an animation using the Animation Controls, you cannot open the Time Slider for the Tools toolbar. The Animation Controls and the Time Slider cannot be opened at the same time. You will have to first close the Animation Controls dialog box and open the Time Slider.

  1. Click the Open Animation Controls button Open Animation Controls on the Animation toolbar.
  2. Click the Options button to view the play and record options.
  3. Click By number of frames and click Calculate to determine the number of frames necessary to display all your time slices.
    • Alternatively, click By duration and enter a duration time, but be aware that time slices may be skipped in order to play the animation within the duration specified.
  4. Uncheck Restore state after playing so the last frame of the animation is retained in the display or the graph after the animation is played.

    The Restore state after playing option restores the state of the layer or table after the animation is played. The data is no longer drawn based on the time of the display (map, scene, or globe).

    The data is redrawn based on the time of the display (map, scene, or globe), which is defined by the Time Slider.

  5. Click the Play button Play to watch the animation you created.

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Published 6/7/2010