Adding keyframes to an existing track

  1. If the Animation toolbar isn't present in your application, click Customize on the main menu of the application, point to Toolbars, then click Animation.
  2. After creating a track, click the Animation toolbar drop-down menu and click Animation Manager.
  3. Click the Tracks tab and click the track into which you want to add an additional keyframe, then click the Keyframes tab to view the existing keyframes of the track.

    Keyframes tab

  4. Uncheck Distribute time stamps evenly.
  5. Click Create to open the Create Animation Keyframe dialog box.
  6. Click Create to create a new keyframe within the track.

    The new keyframe will be given a time stamp of 1.0 (whether or not there is already a keyframe with this time stamp).

  7. Change the keyframe's time stamp to be higher than 1.0, depending on how much later you want it to occur in the animation.
  8. Optionally, click Reset Times.

    The new keyframe will be set to 1.0, and all the others will be distributed according to their proportional separation.

  9. Repeat steps 6 and 8 until you are satisfied with the animation effect. You can click on the Time View tab to preview your animation after making changes to the keyframe properties.

Published 6/7/2010