Editing a time animation

When a time animation is created by clicking on the Create Time Animation button on the Animation drop-down menu, a time animation track with two keyframes is created. When played as an animation, a dynamic transition is seen between the two keyframes in the track, based on the keyframe properties specified. For a time track, the properties time, interval, and units (such as hours or days) can change at each keyframe. Between each keyframe, the time slices that fall within the interval set will display sequentially.

After creating a time animation, you might want to alter some of the properties that were initially specified. You can modify properties for the track and for the keyframes of the track via the Animation Manager. Common reasons to edit your animation include varying the time steps through your animation or changing the begin and end time of the Time Animation track on the animation time line.

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For general information about editing animations, see the following:

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Published 6/7/2010