About moving the camera or view along a path

You can create camera or map view tracks from paths. A path is defined by a selected line feature or graphic, and its purpose is to constrain movement along the selection. A camera or map view track is created by moving the camera or the view along the selected path.

ArcScene and ArcGlobe

In ArcScene and ArcGlobe, the camera is controlled by a camera track. The orientation of the camera can be defined by two 3D points, the observer and the target. Use the Path destination options on the Camera Flyby from Path dialog box to modify the way the camera travels. There are three options for moving a camera along a path:

Learn more about creating the path that can be used to move the camera along a path


In ArcMap, the view is controlled by a map view track. There is only one path destination option for moving a view along a path in ArcMap—moving both the observer and the target along the path. The observer and the target in ArcMap are the same and refer to the point at the center of the view. By setting this option, the center of the view will move along with the path, keeping the scale constant.

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Published 6/7/2010