Using timing properties in the Animation Manager

On the Time View tab, you can examine your animation by clicking the display until a vertical red line appears, then dragging the line to preview the way your animation plays. Group layer tracks are color coded to indicate their visibility. Green indicates that the layer is visible; red indicates that the layer is invisible; and pale yellow indicates that the layer is semitransparent, or in transitional visibility.

Learn more about editing operations on the Time view tab of the Animation Manager

  1. If the Animation toolbar isn't present in your application, click Customize on the main menu, point to Toolbars, then click Animation.
  2. Click the Animation drop-down arrow and click Animation Manager Animation Manager.
  3. Click the Time View tab.
  4. Optionally, click the Plus or Minus buttons to change the time scale.

    Reducing the time scale gives you a more detailed view.

  5. Optionally, check View enabled tracks only.

    Using this option shows only the tracks that are currently available. Disable a track on the Tracks tab.

  6. Drag a green keyframe box in a track to change the time it will be played.

    Moving a keyframe to a later point in the track causes it to be played later in the animation.

  7. Drag a keyframe at the start or end of a track to determine when that track will play relative to others.
  8. Click Close.

    • After moving the keyframes along the timeline make sure to preview the animations for ensuring that you get the desired visual effects.
    • After previewing an animation by dragging the red line on the Time View tab, the animated objects (layers or the view) are restored to their original state before the animation was played. If you want to keep the current animated state, uncheck Restore state after preview on the Time View tab.
    • To delete a keyframe, click to select it and click Delete Keyframes. Multiple keyframes in the same track can be selected by holding down the SHIFT or CTRL keys.
    • If you want to add a track that will play either before or after the existing tracks, you can add time to accommodate the additional track.
    • Learn more about adding time to an animation

Published 6/7/2010