Using the Animation Manager to access keyframe properties

Use the Animation Manager to modify the properties of a keyframe or track. For example, you can change the camera target's x-coordinate to move the target to a more desired position. Options to change properties are numerousand allow you to make your animation look just as you intended.

  1. If the Animation toolbar isn't present in your application, click Customize on the main menu of the application, point to Toolbars, then click Animation.
  2. Click the Animation drop-down arrow and click Animation Manager Animation Manager.
  3. Click the Keyframes tab.
  4. Click the Keyframes of Type drop-down arrow and choose the type of keyframe you want to examine.
  5. Click the In Track drop-down arrow and choose the specific track you want to access.
  6. Click a keyframe property to change it.

    To fine-tune a scene or camera keyframe in the Animation Manager, click the keyframe you want to change on the Keyframes tab, modify the property in the scene, then click Update. The keyframe is updated to reflect the change.

  7. Press Enter.
  8. Click Close.

Published 6/7/2010