Image Service GetNativeRasterInfo method

Gets raster info for all source raster for a given catalog item. Raster info includes tiling scheme, orientation, number of columns and rows, GeodataXforms, etc.


GetNativeRasterInfo (int RID)





The raster ID.


Return Value


Array of RasterInfo objects.




The returned array describes the raster info of all source images. A RasterInfo object completely describes an image.


It contains information on

(1) image tiling scheme, including tile origin, pixel size, and tile size

(2) image properties including number of columns and rows, number of bands, pixel type, NoData value, etc.

(3) georeferencing and orientation information including native extent and native spatial reference, extent, and Geodata transformation.


For example, for an orthorecified, pansharpen, catalog item, three raster RasterInfo objects will be returned, for MS, PAN and Elevation.